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Brands HAY Kasser
Model: BAHA5105
Stock: In stock
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HAY Box, Lavender, Medium

You have probably already seen the popular HAY Boxes on social media, because they are hugely modern these days. It is not without reason that HAY Boxes have become so popular, because they are really smart.

A HAY Kasse Medium, Lavender can help to give a dull room new life, because the beautiful color will suit any room. At the same time, the beautiful HAY Boxes can also help you store the things you need.


- Color: Lavender

- Dimensions: 34,5 x 26,5 x 14 cm

- Material: Polypropylene plastic

- Size: Medium

Get rid of clutter in the children's room

This HAY Kasse Medium in Lavender is absolutely perfect if you want to get control of the children's room in an easy and attractive way. The beautiful HAY Boxes can decorate the children's room, while at the same time hiding all the mess that may be there. With a HAY Kasse Medium, Lavender, you get a nice storage solution in the children's room, which your little girl is guaranteed to love.

HAY Kasser Medium has an absolutely perfect size when it comes to storing everything from toys to nappies, and therefore you can use this HAY Kasse throughout the home. HAY Kasse Medium, Lavender will also be really nice to use in a cupboard, a bookcase or in a chest of drawers, where they will make the most beautiful impression.

A personal touch on the home

HAY Kasser Medium, Lavender can give a nice and personal touch to the child's room, because the child can bring a color into the room, without it requiring a huge amount of work. The beautiful lavender color of this folding box will shine through and give the children's room a lovely and colorful atmosphere.

With HAY Kasse Medium, Lavender you can easily add color to the children's room, and therefore make a sad room full of color and joy. Only your imagination sets limits on how you can use your HAY Boxes in the home. At the same time, HAY Boxes can also be easily combined in different colors, so you can create just the color combinations that you really like.

A children's room your child will love

HAY Kasser Medium, Lavender are so easy to use that your child can help decorate and decorate the room and design it as the child wants. In this way, your child will feel that it is their room, because the child has helped to decorate it. You can therefore advantageously let your child choose which colors the beautiful HAY boxes should have, so that the child gets his favorite colors in the children's room.

A cheap doll bed

HAY Box Medium, Lavender is not just a storage box, it is so much more, and here it is only the imagination that sets the limits. Your child can easily use his HAY Kasse Medium, Lavender for play. It may be that your child's doll lacks a doll's bed, and here the HAY Boxes are perfect to use, because at the same time they don't take up much space in the children's room.

A good quality folding box

This beautiful HAY box is made of such good quality that you don't have to be afraid of it breaking. That is why they are also really good to use in the children's room, because it is a storage solution that can withstand being used by children.

HAY Boxes are made specifically for storing things, and therefore they can withstand containing a lot. If the boxes are not being used, you can easily fold them up and then they are easy to store until the next time you need them.

You will either receive a box from HAY or Aykasa. It is the same box, which is produced with the same design and in the same factory.

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