A sensory swing is a great tool for children because it can make them relax and lie down and feel their movements in a completely different way than if they were not lying in a sensory swing. A sensory swing can be used both outside and inside, and your child can use it for quiet moments with a book or whatever the child wants.
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Sensory swing
Why should I buy a sensory swing?

A sensory swing helps your child with development, your child learns a lot about motor skills and shows the children what they themselves are capable of doing with their body. The child can lie in the sensory swing and train his body's coordination and balance. When the children learn to discover such things themselves, the child will gain more confidence to handle more tasks on their own.

Good self-confidence from the beginning of the child's life will make it easier for the child to learn later in life. With a sensory swing you also get a balance board for your child, because the sensory swing has a natural movement pattern that reacts to the movements your child makes. When the child is lying on the sensory swing, the child does not notice the great development that is taking place, because it all feels like play.

When the child is to develop, good motor skills are an essential part of the child's development. Motor skills are closely related to your child's general health. With a sensory swing, you have the opportunity to strengthen your child's motor skills, because the sensory swing naturally moves and it requires an effort from your child to keep the swing still. The sensory swing offers many hours of fun, while also being a safe base for your child's development.

The sensory swing is good for free play and keeps your child active throughout childhood. The sensory swing provides both space for relaxation and play and is therefore an ideal thing to have in everyday life. The sensory swing will automatically inspire your child to imaginative daydreams, and in this way it can be instrumental in stimulating your child's creative thinking.

Sensory swings are available both completely round and in a more elongated version. The elongated version is good for older children because it can swing faster than the round one. In the sensory swing there is room for several children and you can therefore create space for a cozy time between your children.

What age for sensory swing?

You can advantageously use a sensory swing right from the time the child is a newborn, the swing can be very calming for the small child. Make sure the sensory swing hangs close to the floor, then the movement of the swing will strengthen the child's labyrinth sense. The sensory swing is often soft to lie on, but you can make it even more comfortable for your child if you place a soft blanket on the sensory swing. When the baby is completely newborn, you can advantageously put the baby in its baby nest on the sensory swing, then you are sure that the little gold nugget will not fall anywhere.

The sensory swing is good when the small child needs to be rocked to sleep or if the baby has difficulty finding peace. When the child gets a little older, you can hang the swing higher up, so the swing will automatically feel more alive for the child and thus challenge the child in a new way. You can therefore use the sensory swing from the time the child is born until the child no longer wants it. Most sensory swings have a maximum load of around 100 kg. Your child can therefore use the sensory swing for many years.

Most children find peace in lying in the sensory swing and reading or watching the iPad for many years, so a sensory swing in the home will be wonderful for the children of the whole family. However, always remember that when the sensory swing is used by children under the age of 3, it is recommended that the children are supervised all the time they are using the swing. Then you are sure that the use of the swing is safe and secure and that your child will not be unnecessarily injured.

How do I choose the right sensory swing?

When you have to choose a sensory swing, it is important that you think about your needs for a sensory swing. You can get sensory swings that have a single suspension, or sensory swings that have several suspensions. Choose the sensory swing that makes you most comfortable and best suits your home. Next, you have to think about the size of your child and how long you want to use the sensory swing. If you only want to use the sensory swing when the baby is newborn, you do not need to buy a large sensory swing.

It all depends a lot on your needs. It is important, when you are going to buy a sensory swing, that you examine them thoroughly to find the right sensory swing baby. However, you can be absolutely sure that no matter which sensory swing you end up choosing, your child will love it. Sensory swings often hang on a hook, making them extremely flexible. You can therefore use a sensory swing indoors in several rooms in the house, and you can also use a sensory swing outdoors.

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