Look for a baby alarm in our selection right here - you will find, among other things, the popular Neonate baby alarms, which are the preferred baby alarms for families with children. Choose a baby monitor that suits your family's needs, and get peace of mind when the child is napping.
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What should I think about when buying a baby monitor?

When you have to buy your baby monitor, there are several things you can take into account. For example, you must be sure that your baby monitor is user-friendly. Many baby monitors can do so much that not everyone can operate them. You can advantageously choose a baby monitor that the grandparents can also use. You must therefore ensure that the very basic functions work as they should. The extra functions should only be seen as an extra thing to have, they should never be the ones that are decisive for which baby monitor you choose.

You can get baby monitors with both a camera and voice function, decide what gives you the most peace of mind and choose a baby monitor based on this. Another thing that makes sense to consider is range. The baby monitors with a long range will often be more expensive, but they can help give you greater security. Therefore, find a baby monitor with a range that suits your needs. You must therefore also be sure that the baby monitor will not confuse its own signal with other baby monitors.

It is also an advantage to choose a baby monitor with a long battery life, so that the baby monitor can keep power throughout your child's nap. There are many smart functions of the modern baby monitors, and one of them is that they can measure the temperature where your child sleeps. That way, you can easily keep an eye on whether your child is getting too hot or cold, so it's not something you have to worry about either.

Quality and price often go hand in hand, so you should not compromise on price when you buy a baby monitor. If you choose to buy a cheap baby monitor, you will quickly find that you will have to replace it because it does not work as it should.

Why should I buy a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is the perfect helper for a family with children. A baby monitor enables you to hear and see your child while your child sleeps safely. With equipment that is in order, you as a parent can also have peace of mind while your child sleeps. A baby monitor can also help to give you parents a lot more freedom.

You do not need to sit close to where the child is sleeping to be able to hear if the child wakes up. You can easily do all the other things you want to do while baby sleeps, because the baby alarm will notify you if there is even the slightest sound from your child. A baby alarm therefore provides both freedom and security at the same time.

How long do you use a baby monitor?

It is very individual how long you will need a baby monitor. There are many parents who find security in being able to hear their child while the child is sleeping, well into childhood. There are also other parents who quickly get rid of using the baby monitor, and instead listen by the bedside when the child is sleeping. A good guideline is always that as long as your child sleeps further away than you can hear, it is an advantage for you to use a baby alarm.

Where should the baby monitor be located?

The most important thing is that you do not place the baby monitor so far from your child that it will not pick up the sound if your child wakes up. However, you should also not place the baby monitor too close to your child, as you avoid exposing your child to large amounts of radiation.

If the baby monitor is too close to your child, it will pick up even the smallest sounds, and there is no reason for that, at the same time you also run the risk that your child will hit the baby monitor in his sleep. You can easily place the baby monitor some distance from your child, if your child cries you can be absolutely sure that the baby monitor will pick it up.

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