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Brands Filibabba
Model: SCFI1299
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Filibabba Play mattress / Play blanket, Grey

The Filibabba play rug is one of the most popular play rugs on the market, and you're guaranteed to have seen it before. A Filibabba play rug in gray has a simple and modern design, which is also timeless, so it can be used for many years.

Filibabba Playmat in gray is a round playmat that is really soft for your child to lie on. That's why a Filibabba Playmat is so wonderful for your child when the child has to play on it. A Filibabba Playmat in gray is really good to use under the activity stand, and later when the child has to sit and play with his toys.


- Material: 100% organic cotton, polyester

- Dimensions: 90x3 cm

- Color: Grey

- Wash: cover 30 degrees in the washing machine

A play rug in good materials

A Filibabba Playmat in gray is produced in GOTS-Certified materials, and therefore you get a sustainably produced playmat for your child. At the same time, you get a play rug that has been created in a durable design, so that it can withstand being used every day.

With a Filibabba play rug in gray you help to protect the environment, because you do not have to replace your play rug, and thus do not contribute to overproduction. At the same time, with a Filibabba Play Rug in gray you can be absolutely sure that your child is not exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Filibabba Playmat in gray is made of 100% organic cotton, with a foam layer of polyester inside. Therefore, your child is not exposed to anything dangerous when the child plays on his Filibabba play rug in grey.

A play rug that can be washed

If you have a Filibabba Play Rug in Grey, then there is no reason to worry. Your child can easily spill on the play mat without it breaking. On a Filibabba play rug in gray there is a cover where you will find a small zip on the side.

This zip means that you can easily remove the cover and put it in the washing machine, where it can be washed at 30 degrees. After that, you just have to put the dry cover back on, and then your Filibabba Playmat, Gray is as good as new.

How to use the Filibabba Playmat, Grey

The play rug is both nice for your child to lie on as it is made of 100% cotton. At the same time, it is also nice to have lying in your living room, in the child's room, or wherever else you want it to lie. It helps you know exactly where your child is during their play.

The many hours of play will not wear out your floors either, as the toys will mainly be on the carpet and not directly on the floor. Since the cover can be removed and washed, it also helps to ensure that the product can be easily cleaned in the event of an accident. The play rug can also easily be wiped off with a wet cloth, so you avoid washing the rug, and thus more wear and tear on the cover.

Filibabba Play rug in a beautiful colour

Gray is a calm and neutral color that is easy to insert into a room or living room as it fits into most rooms in your home. It is also good to combine with colorful toys as it is not a color that takes up much space. Among other things, it fits in better than a pink or mustard color. Gray is also super gender neutral, and can therefore easily belong in a room for your little girl or a little boy.

The fabric, which is made of quilted fabric in 100% cotton, is not only super soft, but also looks super exclusive because of the quilted fabric.

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