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Brands Filibabba
Model: SCFI1175
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LED Hvalen Christian, Lille

Hvalen Christian is a small LED lamp which is perfect for creating security for the little one when darkness falls. Hvalen Christian, Lille, is sustainably produced, and therefore you can give your child a Hvalen Christian LED lamp with a clear conscience. The whale Christian in lille is easy for the child to handle, and it can light up in several different colours.


- Dimensions: 9.5x11 cm

- Time: Lights for 6-8 hours

- Charging time: 2 hours (USB)

- Material: Environmentally friendly silicone

Give your child security with Hvalen Christian

There are many children who are afraid of the dark, and therefore the darkness of the night can seem very scary, especially for small children. With Hvalen Christian in the children's room, the child can have security, because the night lamp from Filibabba can provide calm light for your child, so that your child can sleep safely and soundly.

Hvalen Christian can change color with the associated remote control so that it matches the mood desired in the child's room. At the same time, the Hvalen Christian LED lamp can also change brightness, so that it best meets the child's needs for a night light.

The whale Christian lille is perfect for children

The little Hvalen Christian is not only good for lighting up the children's room at night, it can also be used for so many other things. Your child can easily take the small LED lamp with them around the home, because the size fits the child's small hands perfectly.

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