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Brands Filibabba
Model: SCFI2575
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Filibabba Babynest, Kapok - Grey

Since 2015, Filibabba has again and again come up with more and more collections and products that have been loved. With their first collection in 2015, they were the first brand to launch a baby nest on the Danish market. Filibabba wants to protect children, while at the same time showing respect for the environment. Thus, you can safely buy Filibabba's products and know that they are in favor of sustainability.


- Dimensions: H: 85 x W: 50 x L: 14 cm

- Material: 100% organic cotton

- Filling: Kapok

- Colour: grey

Let your child sleep safely with this baby nest from Filibabba

Your child can sleep safely and soundly with this baby nest from Filibabba! The kapok fiber, which the filling in the baby nest consists of, has special thermal properties and has a silky smooth surface, which means that your child can sleep well and softly.

The baby nest fits perfectly in the cradle, pram or bed. It is particularly suitable for when the child is very small, and must lie between mother and father in bed or on the sofa. When the little one lies in the baby nest, he/she is surrounded by the sides and thus creates a sense of security.

Due to the smart option for the opening at the bottom, the lifespan of the baby nest can therefore be extended. The opening allows for a longer lying position, which will mean that the child can use it for a longer time.

No danger with this baby nest - your child can sleep well, safe and secure

Do you want to ensure that your child sleeps safely and comfortably, without the risk of an unhealthy sleeping environment? Then this baby nest is perfect for you.

The kapok tree is a tree that grows in the rainforest, and from this comes the fibers kapok. It is the lightest fiber in the world (8 times lighter than cotton!). The fiber is covered by a thin layer of wax, which contains a substance that prevents insects and other pests from attacking the wood - this is the reason why no mites can live in kapok. This means that it is particularly suitable for people who suffer from house dust mite allergies.

In addition, the baby nest is also free of chemicals, bleaches and other harmful substances that can eventually develop allergies. Thus, your child can sleep safely and well in this baby nest.