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Brands Aykasa
Model: AYAY2530
Stock: In stock
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Aykasa Mini Folding Box, Grey

You may know Aykasa folding boxes from the social media instagram, pinterest or facebook. The boxes have been very popular in recent years because they can be beautiful and functional at the same time. The Aykasa Gray boxes are not like the traditional transparent storage boxes, which take up unnecessary cupboard space.

With Aykasa, you don't have to use the important cupboard space on storage boxes. Aykasa Gray is very neutral in colour, which means that it will easily fit into the home. The color Gray is super easy to mix and match with all the other colors Aykasa comes in. The good thing about Aykasa mini is that it can be used forever and is therefore really a must-have.


- Colour: Grey

- Dimensions: L 27 x W 17 x H 11 cm

- Material: The boxes are made of hard plastic

- Folding box

- Stackable

A folding box for the whole home

Aykasa folding box in the size mini can be used throughout the home. Aykasa mini is the perfect size for storing knick-knacks, the child's toys, food, etc. If the dining table often tends to be the gathering point for knick-knacks, Aykasa can help. As Aykasa Gray is very neutral, it will easily fit in, for example, on the dining table for storing vitamins, the remote control, etc.

The Aykasa folding box is also good to use in the fridge or just for food in general, in the color gray the box will blend in with the fridge and give you an organized fridge. The boxes are approved to be used for food and are therefore really smart for storing vegetables and ensuring that they don't get lost in the fridge or mast.

Create a stylish interior with Aykasa Grey

Aykasa in the color Gray is super good when you don't want colorful boxes, which can easily grab attention if the rest of the house is very clean with white, gray and black colors. As the box has a very neutral colour, you don't notice it at all. The neutral color makes it easy to match it with all other colors. The color Gray is great for the children's room and can store everything from the child's beads to bricks.

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