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Model: GAGA8739
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Step into a topsy-turvy world of fun and laughter with the #UpsideDownChallenge game. This whimsical game brings a new twist to competition as players take on a series of diverse challenges, all with a puzzling twist – they must complete these tasks while wearing the Upside Down glasses. From high-fives to writing names, and even catching crumpled paper balls, the challenges encompass a variety of activities, each made exponentially trickier by the disorienting glasses. Suddenly, the straightforward becomes the perplexing, and the ordinary transforms into an extraordinary feat, making every moment a hilarious adventure of adaptation and creativity. The game set equips you with 1 pair of Upside Down glasses, 25 thought-provoking challenge cards, and 5 "Make Your Own Challenge" cards, inviting you to craft your own uniquely wacky tasks. The package also includes a comprehensive instruction sheet to ensure a smooth start, as well as a notepad for your artistic expressions. Embrace the laughter and excitement that arise from navigating a world turned upside down, and share in the camaraderie that comes with attempting the seemingly impossible.