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Model: SMSM8735
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Immerse yourself in a captivating puzzle-solving experience with our innovative 3D-to-2D puzzle game. Your task is to ingeniously arrange the puzzle pieces onto the game board, transforming them from a 3D configuration into a seamless 2D image. Each puzzle piece features a unique twist – on one side, there's a single ball, while on the other, two balls await. The challenge lies in the orientation you choose for each piece, determining the number of balls that align. As you conquer this puzzling quest, you'll discover that when every piece falls into place, a harmonious and complete image emerges on the game board. The ultimate objective is to solve the puzzle in a way that ensures all pieces fit snugly, leaving no vacant spaces behind. Engage your spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills in this intriguing puzzle adventure that promises hours of gratifying entertainment.

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