On this page, you will find a wide selection of baby beds that have a high level of comfort for your child. You will find a high-quality baby bed that you can enjoy for many years. See both cots, bedside cribs, cradles and much more on this page and find the baby bed that best suits your family.
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Why do I need a baby bed?

When your child has outgrown his cradle, the child is still too small for a normal bed. You can therefore advantageously choose a baby bed because it is a good size, and then it fits your baby perfectly. If you choose a cot, you can be sure that your baby will not run or crawl in places that the child might otherwise have the opportunity to in a larger bed. A baby spends many hours in bed, which means that there are great demands on both the bed and the mattress. The bed sets the necessary framework for a good night's sleep, and it is therefore not without importance which baby bed you choose. It is important for children to have a good night's sleep. It strengthens the child's development if your child gets enough sleep during the night. It is while the child sleeps that the brain develops and the body grows big and strong. If your child gets a good night's sleep, it will also support their immune system, so your child will be healthier and fitter.

How to choose the right baby bed

It is important that you choose the right baby bed for your child. You can advantageously choose a baby bed where the bottom can be raised. In this way, you spare your own back when you have to put your baby to bed or take your baby out of bed again. When choosing a baby bed, it must be a good size for your baby. Your baby will feel more secure by lying close to the sides of the bed, rather than if you put your baby in a large bed. It can be extremely difficult to choose a baby bed if you do not know what to pay attention to and how to find a good bed.

However, the most important thing when choosing a baby bed is that it can give your baby as good and comfortable sleep as possible. The cot is often a popular choice because it can be used from the time the child is born until the child is around 3 years old. A cot can be adjusted in size as your child grows. In a baby bed, you can easily put a baby nest in the bed, so that your little baby will feel more secure and feel a kind of closeness, because then there is not so much space around your baby.

How long do you use a baby bed?

There is no rule for when you have to change from a baby bed to a bigger bed. The change depends on the way the child grows and the needs of both your child and you as a family. Some will change the cot because the child has grown too big to sleep in it, whereas others change it because a younger sibling may have arrived who will now need to use the cot. There is therefore no answer to how long you can use the baby bed. However, one would most often say that the baby bed is replaced when the child is around 2.5-3 years old.

When can baby sleep in a cot?

You can use your baby bed from the day your baby is born. The most important thing is that you, as parents, are comfortable with it and that your baby thrives sleeping in its cot. Some babies need an incredible amount of presence, even when they sleep, whereas other babies can easily sleep in the cot without much difficulty. The most important thing to remember is that all children are different, and therefore they also have different needs.

Which baby bed is best?

When choosing a baby bed, it is important to think about what needs you as a family have. If you need to have your child very close to you at night, a bedside crib is worth considering. On the other hand, it is an advantage to choose a cot if you want your child to sleep quickly in his own room or at least in his own bed.

A cradle or sling is really good for children who prefer to be in motion all the time. This applies especially to children with colic, who often calm down the most if they are constantly in motion. Therefore, choose a baby bed that suits the needs of your family very well.

Choose a high-quality baby bed

When you have to choose a baby bed, it is important to choose a bed that is of really high quality. Children sleep many hours a day, and this is when they develop the most. Therefore, it is important that the child sleeps safely and well at night, so that the child has the best conditions to develop. With a high-quality baby bed, you are also sure that you can use the baby bed for many years, and for some, the baby bed can be passed down as an inheritance.

Because sleep is so important to young children, it is important not to compromise on quality. Therefore, the baby bed is undoubtedly one of the places where quality must be paramount.

Mattress for baby bed

A baby bed is not worth much without a mattress, and it should preferably be a good mattress. It is important to take care of the little bodies right from the start, so that the child does not have any problems later in life. At the same time, it is also important to choose a mattress that is intended for children. Many mattresses for baby beds help to remove moisture so that the child does not become cold and damp during the night. At the same time, it is also a good idea to choose a mattress for the baby bed in hypoallergenic and breathable materials, so that your child can get as good a night's sleep as possible.

Why choose a cradle?

Most people have probably heard of a cradle, and for some it may seem very natural to start with a cradle as a baby bed. A cradle is perfectly suited to small newborn children, and you will often find that with the cradle you can create small, gentle rocking movements until your child is rocked to bed.

Nowadays, there are several different types of cradles, namely both the regular cradles, a rocking cradle and a sling cradle, to name just the most popular cradles. Common to all cradles is that you can rock your child to sleep while the child is in its cradle. Sling cradles have gradually become very popular because they envelop the child in soft materials while the child is cradled. In addition, a sling cradle is easy to take with you if the child has to sleep somewhere other than at home.

Choose a cot for baby

Of the most popular baby beds you will find a cot, and many can probably remember the cot from when we were small. A cot has existed for many years, and is still the preferred baby bed in most families with children. It is not without reason that the cot has become so popular, as it has many advantages.

A cot has a long lying length, so it can actually be used for the first 2-3 years of the child's life. At the same time, most cots have the option to change the height of the bottom, so you don't have to bend over too much to pick up your child to begin with, and thus you spare your back. When your child starts to be able to stand up, you can put the bottom down so that you are sure that your child cannot get out of his cot.

Sleep together with your child with a bedside crib

A bedside crib gives you the opportunity to sleep in the same bed as your child, without your child having to lie between you. A bedside crib is a baby bed that you can put on top of your adult bed, so that your child lies right next to him in his very own bed. With a bedside crib, you have your child very close to you, while at the same time you can be sure that your child is safe and sound in a bed that was created for children.

With a bedside crib, you can sleep together with your child, while your sleep is disturbed as little as possible. The child is not woken up by the parents' movements, at the same time as you are not woken up by getting a foot on the head or whatever the small sizes can come up with when they are sleeping.

A multifunctional baby bed

The smart thing about many of the baby beds you find on the market these days is that many of them are multifunctional and can therefore be used for many years. If you look at a cot, for example, it has so many functions. Many cots have the function that the bottom can be raised and lowered, and therefore it can be adjusted to the child's size. At the same time, one side can be removed on many cots, so that the cot can be used as a bedside crib.

When the child has outgrown his cot, you can advantageously use the cot as a kind of bench or sofa in the children's room, where the child can have some quiet moments with a good book or a tablet after a hard day at the institution.

Remember a bed rail for the baby bed

Most children are safe when the place where they sleep feels a bit like a cave. This reminds the baby of when he or she was inside the mother's belly, and therefore it feels safe for the child. With a bed rail in the baby bed, you can create the hollow atmosphere that many children thrive in. But this is not the only advantage of a bed rail, because a bed rail has many functions.

With a bed edge in the cot, you prevent your baby from getting its arms and legs out between the bars during the night. No matter which baby bed you have chosen, the edge of the bed will take away the hard edges, so that the child does not have to touch them during the night. Therefore, you create a safe framework for the child's sleep, so that you can all sleep safely and well at night.

Create security in the baby bed from the start

A baby bed can quickly seem a little big and unmanageable for a small baby, especially because babies like the feeling that they are still in a cave, just like they were inside their mother's belly. It is therefore important to create security in the baby bed so that your baby feels safe sleeping there. You can do this, among other things, by initially placing a baby nest in the baby bed, so that the child is surrounded by the edges of the baby nest. In this way, the child will feel safe, also because the child will often be used to lying in his baby nest during the day, and therefore feels extremely safe.

Create calm with a disturbance for the baby

It can often be a bit of a challenge to get the child to calm down when it's bedtime. Here it can help to give the child something that he or she can lie down and look at until he calms down. With a toy for the baby bed, your child can lie down and be soothed by the gentle movements, while at the same time the child can lie down and look at his toy. In this way, the child can do a calm activity, which can make the child calm down.

Many families with children choose to have a music alarm for the baby's bed, which can play quiet melodies until the child falls asleep. With a music alarm for the baby bed, you can send your child to dreamland, with sweet melodies and cute little figures that move.

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