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Brands Citatplakat
Model: CICI5483
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Mother is the best in the world, most people can agree with that. Mothers are amazing and they deserve the world when it comes to a gift. It can be difficult to find a gift that can describe the love you have for your mother and the love you get from your mother. This makes Quote Poster about, with this popular poster about mother. The poster is both a loving and funny definition of mother, which we can all probably relate to. With a quote poster "Mother" we can tell our mother in a loving way how much we care for her. The mom poster has added a lot of refreshing humor that will bring a smile to the face of most mothers. Although the poster suits almost all mothers, it is full of personality and a lot of edge, which makes the poster unique.

A Mother Quote Poster is the perfect gift for the mother who has everything. Or the perfect gift when we want to show our mother the great love we have for her. The mother poster can be used both as a Christmas present and a birthday present, where it is guaranteed to bring joy. But the Mother poster from Citatplakat is also the perfect gift for Mother's Day, where we pay tribute to our fantastic mothers. This poster helps to celebrate mothers in a fun and loving way, just like our mothers are. Mother's Day always falls at the beginning of May, and it is the day when our mother should be pampered. The mother poster is available in 4 different sizes, so you are guaranteed to find a poster that suits your mother.

The mother poster from Citatplakat has been developed in a simple design, with an eye for detail, and therefore the poster fits into most modern homes. Citatplakat is a Danish company that has existed since 2015. Citatplakat was created to add some color and humor to a sometimes boring everyday life. With the Mother poster from Citatplakat, you can ensure that your mother feels love and warmth on a daily basis, while also putting a smile on her face when she reads the text on the poster.


The poster measures A5 cards

The paper is 180g original matte canon paper

Shipped in an extra thick cardboard tube to avoid damage

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