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Brands HAY Kasser
Model: BAHA5097
Stock: In stock
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HAY box: Nougat, Small

HAY box Nougat, Small is a neutral, basic and really useful nice box. The box measures 26.5x17x10.5 centimeters and is therefore not particularly large, but large enough for jewelery or something similar.


- Color: Nougat

- Dimensions: 26.5x17x10.5 centimeters

Perfect size and efficient

The HAY boxes have some really good sizes, but especially Small is a good size. The size of it is not particularly large, so the small things that easily disappear can be stored and easily found when the things need to be used. The dimensions of the box in Small are 26.5x17x10.5 centimeters.

If you are also the type who needs to know where your things are, then the HAY boxes are just the thing for you. They are available in three sizes Small, Medium and Large. So you can store everything from small things to big things. The boxes can also be in any room you want them in. They can be folded up and moved around.

Beautiful and useful

The boxes have an incredibly nice design. The boxes are designed with two handles at each end so that the box can be carried around safely. In addition, the box has a closed bottom so that nothing can fall out. On the sides there is a nice pattern, it is a lot of elongated holes which give the box a special appearance but at the same time mean that the box is not completely closed.

The color is a really basic and neutral color that will suit all kinds of colors. The color Nougat is a very warm and unique color that catches your eye.

The boxes are really useful. You can use the boxes for whatever you want. They can store your child's toys, store jewellery, paper or something else entirely. In addition, the boxes are available in three sizes and can therefore have storage space for all kinds of sizes.

You will either receive a box from HAY or Aykasa. It is the same box, which is produced with the same design and in the same factory.

If you now live in a place where you have to make use of the available space, then the HAY boxes are a really good choice for you. The boxes can be stacked on top of each other so that you can use the available space, but at the same time store what needs to be stored.

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